Mercury Bay Pony Club

Registration Day Sat 13th Sept 12pm



Whoo hoo the 2014/15 season in nearly here!!

Registration day will be held on the 13th September  12.00pm @  MBPC on Wade Rd.

Fees this season:

$120.00 First Rider

$15.00 adult member  (riders under 18years must have an adult member)

$90.00 Second rider in family

Fee’s are to be paid on the day or by prior arrangement ie. direct debit

Cash, Cheque or AP can be set up at minium $10.00/week

Stay tuned for more details…..

Looking forward to seeing new & returning members!!

2 thoughts on “Registration Day Sat 13th Sept 12pm

  1. I would love my daughter to join,does the fees include riding gear hire/borrow or does she have to have her own? Shes 9

    • Hi Kelly,
      Unfortunately the fees are not inclusive of the above, members do have to have a pony to ride, whether the pony is owned, leased or borrowed does not matter however each rider and adult member is responsible for that pony and its welfare. The club can look into ways of making PC more accessible to those who don’t have a pony to ride, perhaps coming along and learning the theory etc. How to take care of a pony, tacking up, equine health etc. Stay in touch and keep an eye on the facebook page and website.
      Kind regards
      MBPC Secretary

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