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Rally Dates!! – up to Dec 2014

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Watercolour by Cedah Mayo

Hi Everyone,

2014/15 Pony Club season is coming!!  Here is the list of Rally dates up until Christmas so mark them on your calendar!!

  • Sat 13th Sept Rego day
  • Sat 27th Sept will either be a theory day or a ride out somewhere will have to confirm this
  • Sat 4th Oct Rally, sorting groups etc
  • Sat 18th Oct Rally
  • Sat 1st Nov  Rally
  • Sat 15th Nov Rally
  • Sat 29th Nov  Justine will come down and take groups spread out over the day
  • Sat 20th Dec Christmas Rally Simpsons Beach Farm.
I would like to try and get some of our younger riders through their certs in between these rally dates, and some of the ones that need to do certs not sat last season, so that they can go forward to do the next one. We also have to organize the ones that are wanting to do their C+ to be assessed for C+. They have to do the assessment before they can sit it.
We will also be doing practices for Ballyendene from Dec, so the ones that wish to do this need to let us know so that we can form our team or teams. There will be no last minute sorting of a team, if riders want to be on the team they have to say so in December, and no backing out of the team just before the event either.
We will also be running Twilight show jumping on a Wed (dates to be sorted yet). We are thinking of running  show jumping for the little riders on rally days so that we can set up a friendly course just for them and be able to take the time to help them.
Anne and I have also talked about doing our theory within our rallies as well, by sending 2 riders at a time off to a parent helper within their group, who will have a list of questions and answers for them. The theory work is a big part of their certs that needs to be covered, this will also reduce the waiting around time of our riders and reduce the number riding at the same time.
Vanessa Christensen
MBPC Head Coach

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