Mercury Bay Pony Club

Rally tomorrow 14th Feb 2015 – Consecutive lesson times plse see

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Hi all,  just a reminder for tomorrow’s rally, it will be consecutive lesson times, please see, below 🙂


10.00am  – Juniors with Coach – Emma

Tahlia, Peyton,  Addison, Charles

10.00am – Junior/intermediate with Coach – Vanessa

Isobel, Eden, Sora, Rylee

11.30am – Junior/intermediate with Coach – Vanessa

Grace, Olivia, Alana, Millie,  Kelly

11.30am – Intermediate with Coach – Anne

Hannah, Fenella, Izzy Elder, Amelia, Jazlyn, Sage, Ashlynne

11.30am Seniors with Coach – Ron Cooke  – unfortunately is away a replacement coach is being arranged.

Aimee, Nakita, Baylee, Sarah, Kalani, Alex, Rochelle


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