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Closing Rally – Lead Rein Dressage test & Games Day


May 3, 2015   START at 10:30


10.30am Lead Rein Dressage Test (ALL members present at 10.30am to support our lead rein group please) 

This year is the 155th Anniversary of the Pony Express – We are having a Fun day of games after the Lead Rein Dressage Test there will also be a shared lunch (PLEASE BRING SOMETHING YUMMY TO SHARE), this is going to be a fun day to end the season!

**Please can we have parents there to help set up rope dressage arena/Games night before, also we need parents to help out the back during the the games.


Please phone: Vanessa 07866 5745 or Emma 027 701 7773

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MBPC Ribbon Day Sat 25th April 2015


What is a ribbon day?

For those of you have haven’t been to a ribbon day before… This is a great day of fun for riders to have with their ponies. 

– There will be a judge who comes along to watch riders and award ribbons.

– Riders will chose a ring to ride in that reflects their capability

– The riders will be told by judge what they need to do on the day

– Their are 5x flat classes and 5x jumping classes

– For the flat classes the judge normally gets all the riders to ride in a big circle, riders will be asked to walk trot and canter in both directions, riders will be awarded ribbons on their ability to perform these tasks and their horses. 

– most obedient pony/ and best paced and mannered; looks at horses obedience manners and paces

– rider classes look at the position of the rider and their ability to control and direct their ponies

– combination classes look at the rider and the pony and how they work together.

– jumping classes; walk trot canter jump…is just that

– handy hunter often looks at how well a pony turns and stops

– tip and out, jump gets higher and higher, until u tip the jump.

– have fun with your friends/ponies and enjoy the day

Please see programme below or click to download programme ribbon day programme and see also fair play charter fair play charter

Ribbon Day 2015

START: 10.30am


Ring 1. Lead rein, 9 years and under
Ring 2. Junior novice (10-13years) and senior novice (14-17years)
Ring 3. Open – all riders of senior ability
1. Best presented rider, gear & mount
2. Most obedient mount
3. Best paced and mannered
4. Rider on the flat
5. Best combination on the flat
Lunch Break
6. Walk, trot, canter
7. Handy hunter
8. Best combination over jumps
9. Best rider over jumps
10. Tip n out


The points system for the overall winners is as follows:
􀁸 Lead Rein
􀁸 Junior novice
􀁸 Senior Novice
􀁸 Open
Allocation of points:
1st 6 points
2nd 4 points
3rd 3 points
4th 2 points
5th 1 point


  • Any queries regarding rules for the day shall be direct to the event co-ordinator Anne Nicol prior to the event – ph 021 418 810
  • Complaints/disputes shall be put in writing to the Club President at the end of the event. This will be reviewed by the President, the Events Co-ordinator and Committee for action.
  • Competitors must have completed THREE mounted rallies in the current season on the mount selected
  • Any horse/pony that kicks out MUST wear a red ribbon attached to the tail
  • Judges decision is final
  • Respect your judge and remember your manners as they are giving up their time for you and your peers
  • Regulation helmets and suitable footwear must be worn at all times
    • Snaffles only on the flat
    • Riders must be in white shirts, brown ties and pale jodhpurs
    • Hair tied up
    • No jewellery to be worn
    • Mounts to be plaited
    • Riders to ensure they have sufficient food for their horses for the day
    • Horses shall be de-tacked during any intervals and ensure they have water
    • Parent helpers will be required for each class
    • Ensure you clean up any pony poo from your mount before leaving for the day
    • Do not leave rubbish around the grounds – rubbish bins are provided
    • ESNZ rules apply
    • NO DOGS allowed on competition days
    • Fair play charter applies
    • Have fun and support your peers

    Fair Play Sport Charter of New Zealand

    All Members; Riding, non riding, coaches, officials
    and parents belonging to the:
    New Zealand Pony Clubs Association
    undertake to uphold the principles of good
    sportsmanship and fair play:
    • To act within the spirit and intention of the rules
    • Respect coaches, judges and officials
    • Respect other riders and their supporters
    • Respect their horses and care for their welfare
    • Be gracious winners and dignified losers
    • Play hard but Play fair. Play to enjoy our sport
    Play Hard – Play Fair
    Te Tutohinga Takaro Wairua Tokeke O Aotearoa

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NZPCA Eventing Championships 2015


MBPC Member Lani Nicol began day one of NZPCA  Eventing Championships today in Fielding, Lani is competing as part of the Franklin Thames Valley Team.


This is what she has to say so far,

“Having an awesome time so far at NZPCA Eventing Championships. I had the Dressage phase this morning and Knight performed at his best, finishing our test on a penalty score of 33.5 and a placing of 3rd at the moment! I am very happy with our result as the competition is very tough!  Well done to the rest of FTV with all of their amazing dressage tests!!
Bring on the cross country tomorrow!”

feeling On top of the world!

Well done Lani! We look forward to hearing some more news over the next few days! Until then good luck!!
Sat 18th April
Wow everyone!! Just had amazing news, Franklin Thames Valley Pony Club has won the NZPCA Eventing Championships, with our very own Lani Nicol and Starlight Knight placing 3rd overall. CONGRATULATIONS to the team, we are super proud of you Lani! Amazing effort!!
11116591_939206612779897_1015651109613696499_n 1383453_939206512779907_4098366433444905776_n

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Thames Ribbon Day Sun 26th March



Hi All,

Just to let you know that Thames PC is running an Open Ribbon Day on Anzac weekend.
It is open to all riders, not just PC riders, so everyone is most welcome.  Adults will have their own ring in the afternoon.
There will be drinks and food available for purchase at the grounds.
Any enquiries contact Kathryn at 027 2684070 or
We would love to see you!

Please click link to see/download program!

end of season ribbon day program