Mercury Bay Pony Club


The (Whitianga branch) of Mercury Bay Pony Club is located on forestry land down Wade Road just south of the Whitianga Township.

MBPC will be meeting every second Sunday from late September 2015 through to April/May 2016 depending on weather conditions. The rallies will start at 10.30am for all groups and run for a minimum of 90 minutes.

Registration day for the 2015/2016 season is 13th of September and the first rally will be held on the 27th of September. This will be a mounted rally if the weather allows or if not, it will be a “wet” rally (theory and fun) held in the club rooms.

MBPC offers an opportunity to enjoy and learn for both parents/caregivers and riders.  Whilst we are delighted to support members who go on to higher achievements during their time at MBPC, the main goals and objectives are to ensure that our members ride safely, understand and care for their ponies with the help of their parents/caregivers and enjoy their experience of Pony Club.

“There are  inter-pony club team competitions each season which MBPC members are encouraged to enter. At these they get the chance to compete against teams from other pony clubs in the  Franklin/Thames Valley Area Pony Club districts and these are always a lot of fun!”


Our Rallies are held every second Sunday, the exact dates will be loaded here as soon as we have them finalised. This includes both instruction and horse management lessons, to help individuals attain their appropriate pony club certificates. Our season runs from the beginning of October, weather permitting through until the end of daylight saving.

Club Uniform is to be worn at rallies.  This consists of a correct fitting Safety helmet (meeting current standards), MBPC shirt, beige or light coloured jodhpurs and long or short boots with a smooth sole and a heel. MBPC brown vest is optional.  Franklin/Thames Valley Area Pony Club Badges may be worn, displaying rider certificate level, if applicable. Boots and uniform should be clean, hair should be tidy.  Jewellery must be removed or taped.

Our riding groups cater for children who are just beginning, those who want to achieve certificates and those that just want to have fun. Riding groups are confirmed after enrollment has closed and the number of members is established. Information given on your enrollment form will help determine which riding group you are assigned to based on your age, riding ability and goals. We expect you to treat your Instructors with respect and listen to what they have to say and it is asked that you do not swap riding groups. If you are doing an activity that you do not want to be a part of speak to your Instructor or Head Coach and they will help you.

If you have a problem in your riding group we recommend you try talking to the Instructor quietly, if you feel the Instructor is not listening or you are making no progress please see the Head Coach and she will do her best to resolve any issues.

To participate in any pony club team event (and be eligible for trophies at prize giving) it is necessary to have completed 5 rallies, 3 of which are on the mount to be competed.  All rallies start with inspection.  Unsafe gear is to be replaced before the rider may take part in any activity.  Points are rewarded for turnout.

Pony – clean body, clean and well brushed main and tail, clear eyes, nose and dock, clean hooves, shoes if worn must be in good order.
Saddlery – clean bridle, saddle, clean bit of correct shape and size, clean and soft girth and saddle blanket, correct stirrup size

Attendance at rallies is expected in order to maintain your membership. If you are unable to make it for any reason, it is a courtesy to let the head coach or secretary know in advance. This is so we are able to ensure we have the right number of coaches on the rally nights/mornings. Please be tacked up and ready to ride on time and if leaving early please ask to be excused so that your Instructor realizes you are leaving. Any notices will be announced at the start of the rallies, so it is beneficial for parents also to be there to listen in, especially if you know messages are not always passed on.

It’s always greatly appreciated when parents watching their son/daughter at rally help set up some simple jumps, or pick up poles. Feel free to ask the coach in advance if there is anything that may be needed for that day’s lesson. It may be help with setting up an arena or dismantling at the end of rally – you need no particular “horsey” knowledge to be of assistance to the coach.


MBPC has a limited amount of grazing available to members for $15 per week.

  • Contact Amber Boyd our grazing officer on: 021 2598748
  • Please note horses grazing on the grounds need to be checked daily and will require supplementary feeding during the winter months.

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